The Bonelli's Eagle

Perhaps the most dynamic of all eagles, Bonelli's Eagle is a typical species of the open lands in the Mediterranean region, where it feeds mainly on medium-sized mammals and birds.Ιn Cyprus it is called “Perticosiachino” (the raptor that hunts partridges), in Crete and other islands “Philadelphus” (because it is often found in pairs).

A resident species in the Mediterranean, it used to be more common in the past in Greece, nowadays mainly found in the Aegean islands, Crete and SE Peloponnese. It is an endangered species in Europe (Nearly Threatened) and in Greece is classified as Vulnerable. Greece hosts 100-140 pairs of Bonelli’s Eagle and Cyprus 40-50.


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Surveying attitudes of the climbing comm...

Tuesday 28 Nov.

We record the opinions of the climbing community. So that we can all co-exist on the rocks, with care.

The Hellenic Ornithological Society (BirldLife Greece) as partner of the LIFE Bonelli EastMed Project, has created the first-ever questionnaire in Greece that aims...


Bonelli’s Eagle travels to Meteora

Thursday 16 Nov.

Following the invitation of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing, the awareness team of the Hellenic ORNITHOLOGICAL Society and LIFE Bonelli eastMed traveled for one more year to Kastraki of Kalambaka for the 34th Panhellenic Climbing Meeting, which was...


Counting stars in Mount Parnonas

Wednesday 16 Aug.

How does the Constellation of the Eagle relate to the Bonelli’s Eagles of the Peloponnese?

Between the 14th and 16th of July, the Team of Hellenic ORNITHOLOGICAL Society together with the Management Unit of The Southern Peloponnese Protected Areas of...


The woman from Rhodes who makes all the ...

Thursday 27 Jul.

This year we were notified, unexpectedly, about possible Bonelli’s Eagle territories on the island of Rhodes. Since Rhodes is the largest island of the Dodecanese, we didn’t hesitate for a single moment and decided to organize a visit, in order...


The great journeys of “Vaios”

Wednesday 21 Jun.

The Bonelli’s eagle named “Vaios” was born in March 2021 in southern Andros, at an intensively monitored territory, in the framework of the LIFE Bonelli eastMed Project.

He was tagged with a satellite transmitter by the NCC Team on the 25th...


Bonelli’s Eagle "landed" in the school...

Thursday 08 Jun.

Did you know that an endangered eagle roams the skies in Attica?

Shortly before the schools closedfor summer, the Environmental Education Team of the Hellenic ORNITHOLOGICAL Society visited four schools in Attica to introduce the children to their featheredneighbour:, the Bonelli’s...


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The LIFE Bonelli eastMed project “Conservation & Management of the Bonelli's eagle population in east Mediterranean” will address the most critical threats to Bonelli’s eagle populations in Greece and Cyprus. The overall objective is to ensure the long-term favourable conservation status for the species’ interconnected local populations, through the establishment and operation of the East Mediterranean Bonelli’s Eagle Network.

The project is implemented by the Natural Museum of Crete - University of Crete, the Game and Fauna Service (Game Fund) - Cyprus, the Hellenic Ornithological Society/BirdLife Greece, the Ministry of Environment & Energy - Greece, the Department of Forests - Cyprus and the NCC Environmental Studies Ltd with the financial contribution of the LIFE instrument of the EE.

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